The Brow­nie of Fern Glen

“The­re was once a farm­house cal­led Fern Glen. It was named for the glen which it stood on the edge of, and which anyo­ne who wan­ted to visit the farm had to tra­vel through. But this glen was belie­ved to be the abo­de of a brow­nie. This fairy never appeared to anyo­ne in the day­ti­me, but was some- times glim­psed at night, ste­al­ing about like an ungain­ly shadow from tree to tree.”

Der Brow­nie von Fern Glen ist ein Schot­ti­sches Mar­chen, wel­ches ich zur Weih­nachts­zeit 2022 illus­triert habe. Der Brow­nie erscheint auf Sei­ten aus Trans­pa­rent­pa­pier, die ihn wie im Nebel erschei­nen las­sen und dem Buch eine span­nen­de Hap­tik geben.

“Like all brow­nies who are pro­per­ly trea­ted and let alo­ne, he would do any kind of work around the farm in return for a bowl of milk. The far­mer often said that he did not know what he would do wit­hout him, for if the­re was any work to be finis­hed in a hur­ry all that the far­mer and his wife had to do was to lea­ve the door of the barn open when they went to bed and put down a bowl of new milk on the door­step.

“In spi­te of all this, howe­ver, ever­yo­ne about the farm was afraid of the brow­nie and would rather go a cou­ple of miles round about in the dark than pass through the glen and run the risk of cat­ching a glim­pse of him. Only one per­son on the farm didn’t fear the brow­nie, and that was the farmer’s wife. She was good and gent­le and wasn’t afraid of any­thing at all.